Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Twitter yea not

My thanks to Dominic Pannel of Hill & Knowlton for introducing me to Twitter. Having been slow to the blogsphere, I guess I was somewhat slow to this fab Web 2.0 application. This tool and I am sure there are others, clearly provides a new dimension to AR, but one thing I am mindful of, is that nothing replaces investing in professional analyst relationships and getting a clear understanding of exactly what each analyst is after and more importantly what there are not. Might be an obvious point but I have always been a big believer that while technology is an enabler/enhancer of relationships it will never replace the human element which great AR professionals are valued most for.

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Carter Lusher said...

Hi Marc, Here are a few resources for you on Twitter, AR and analysts. BTW, I am a heavy user of Twitter and you can find me at @carterlusher.

SageCircle's Analyst Twitter Directory has 90+ analysts and is growing every week.

Adding Twitter or other micro blogging tools to the AR tool box

SageCircle Survey — The tech industry analysts on Twitter

Looking forward to following you on Twitter.