Thursday, November 13, 2008

Forget me not....

No this is not about Remembrance day or Armistice day at all, but something that I felt was worth posting.

I have organised a few analyst events recently with different clients, a webinar, a customer event and have been doing some business development (haven't we all).

I read about blogs, social networking, Web 2.0 etc... but one thing that always strikes me is that when all is said and done it's all about relationships. Be it AR or any form of marketing. While we may have the tools to broadcast our views to the masses etc. The power of the direct relationship should never be ignored. Chances are that given the current (economic) climate this has never been more relevant than ever.

Yup, this is obvious but sometimes the obvious needs to be restated.


Brian said...

Well stated, sir.

Duncan Brown said...


I thought from the post title that you were about to apologise for not posting for ages. Welcome back!

You're clearly busy doing good things - I for one would like to hear about them on this blog.

Best regards,