Thursday, February 15, 2007

Influencer Marketing and AR - coming to an agency soon?

Having read Duncan Brown's article on Infleuncer Marketing in the recent The Marketer publication, I wonder how long it will be, before the AR community start to offer this discipline? I just hope it is real Influencer Marketing not rebadged AR. Only time will tell.


Dom Pannell said...

Hi Marc, good to see you've started your blog - I look forward to a stimulating read. I'm particularly interested in your views on AR and influencer relations, which is something we're starting to see a lot of demand for in H&K UK.

Jon Collins said...

The good thing about influencer marketing is that it turns the telescope around and, to be frank, keeps analysts a bit more honest!

Duncan Brown said...

There's a big difference in influencer relations and influencer marketing. Relations is, in effect, marketing to influencers, missing out the opportuntities of marketing through and with influencers.

But the main challenge, at the moment, is getting people to appreciate the complexity of the influencer "ecosystem." Most people still just think "analysts" and "journos". One of our current projects is showing only 11% influence from analysts, and none in the top 10.

Good luck with the blog, Mark.

Dom Pannell said...

I realised that I had typed 'relations' instead of 'marketing' after posting. My bad.

Duncan's definition of relations, however, doesn't even closely match what I or the team to which I belong does.

Perhaps we should start talking about 'analyst marketing'. Or perhaps not.